March 17, 2010

Product Appreciation: Label the Cable

"Cord control" products are a dime a dozen these days however, I am confident that the German company Label the Cable has created the most versatile cord labeling/managing system to date. Label the Cable products use a clever combination velcro, elastic and label all of which allows you to not only keep the slack of a cable under control but also strap chargers to their designated devices when they're not in use.

It's the cord control system to end all cord control systems (rolls off the tongue doesn't it?)

March 15, 2010

Thing Celebration: "30 Dumb Inventions"

T.V. Glasses! Yodel Meters! Baby Cages! ... and much, much more!

I think you'll find the whiz-bangery of the Life slide show "30 Dumb Inventions" most entertaining.

via Dwell blog

March 13, 2010

Product Appreciation: L.L. Bean Rubber Moc Bean Boots

Chances are, if you've seen me since January 1st I've been wearing a pair of Rubber Moc Bean Boots from L.L. Bean. Now, I know that this is not my first post which sings the praises of Mr. Leon Leonwood Bean's products (and I doubt it will be my last) but these shoes have actually made my winter better! I think I resisted buying them for so many long winters because I was concerned that they would be too "ducky," however, I've been pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and downright wearable they are.

Click here to watch a video on how they're made!

Note: the sizing is a bit strange so be sure to read the info on the Bean website.

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