January 8, 2011

Product Appreciation: Plant Mister

I don't love the idea of houseplants but I do love the idea of using a plant mister. I'm not sure that I've ever seen one being used in real life but I know I've most certainly seen them in movies. The scenes are usually in lavish homes with greenhouses full of rare plants and a white-gloved butler is misting away. Get one here.

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  1. alas, this kind of mister is tough on the index finger, which has to do all the work of holding it up. This one looks much better in styled photo shoots, though. What is wanted, in the plant-misting universe, is a good ugly squeeze-trigger plastic job, for left or right hands. I had a small one with the words "Little Mister" stenciled on the front. We always thought the Little Mister was my friend's young son. Photo will be forthcoming.


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