March 31, 2011

Product Appreciation: Folle 26 Stapler

I recently had the pleasure of using the Folle 26 stapler and I can't say enough good things about it! It's a nice weight, the brushed metal feels nice, and it's the most reliable stapler I've ever met. One day I'd like to have one on my desk but the $74 price tag makes it an aspirational stapler...sigh... maybe one day.

It's also part of the MoMA's collection.


  1. $74! That's why it's called a Folly!

  2. It's $150 now and sold out. LOL

  3. I have used my Folle 26 stapler since 1986. That is 28years! It works like a dream and staples even thick packets of paper easily the first time. It is an amazing device. I expect it will continue to be the best stapler ever for the next 28 years. Still looks great and is better than any stapler I have ever used. I staple a lot of thick packets and ever other stapler struggles and requires multiple tries or one staple from the top and one from the bottom to hold the thicker packets. Not the Folle 26, it works easily and simply ever time.


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